The male skin

The skin

Questions and answers on the subject of male skin.

The male skin

The hormone testosterone not only determines gender but also the properties of male skin. This changes the skin and ensures a different structure than in women. The skin is different for every man, but in general it is thicker and greasier on the face and body. The formation of wrinkles in one man is also different.

Normal or greasy skin

Men have more sebum glands and thus more pores than women. Both the sebum glands and the pores are larger. That is why they produce twice as much sebum. This makes the male skin appear more glossy and greasy. The large pores offer ideal opportunities for impurities and acne. Dry skin is therefore less common in men.


Aging of the skin in man

The skin of the men ages differently in time. Since it is 20% thicker and contains more collagen, the folds on the man's face later appear, but then mostly striking. In old age, the muscle mass disappears, also on the face. The bedfall skin is noticeable with tear bags, eye circles or crow's feet around the eyes and makes you appear tired.