The right razor

The razor planer - more than just a razor

Many people now use a system razor with a plastic shaving head instead of a razor plane with a razor blade. But this brings with it many advantages!

No plastic is used in our razor plane, which is very protected by the environment. In addition, this also looks significantly more noble than a conventional system razor. Five blades are used for a system razor. Logically, this excites the skin five times as much as the classic shave with a razor blade. Since plastic shaving heads are very expensive, men shave too long with a blade blade and redness, skin irritation and pimples occur.

This does not happen to you when using the razor planer correctly. You have to change the blade every 2-5 shaving processes in a razor plane, since the razor blade becomes dull faster, but these are a lot more cost-efficient than with a plastic shaving head. With the razor plane from Störtebekker, nothing stands in the way of clean and efficient shaving.


Which open or closed comb?

There are razor planes with two systems - either with a closed comb or with an open comb. But which one is the best choice for you?

The open comb usually has a jagged bracket, which means that the razor blade is further out. That is why this is preferred, especially with long beards. Accordingly, the injury potential is higher and it requires experienced handling if you use a razor plane with an open comb.

A closed comb has a smooth bracket. As a result, the razor blade continues inside the razor plan. We deliberately chose a razor planer with a closed comb.

This is ideally suited for beginners of classic shave, since you can injure yourself less with him and the closed comb forgive more errors in shaving. Because the blade does not look out that far, the closed comb is also a little gentler on the skin than a razor plane with an open comb.